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Журнал стресс-физиологии и биохимии / Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry

2015. — Выпуск 4


Comparative Analysis of Some Hsps Synthesis in Leaves of Transgenic Potato Plants with Gene gox at High Temperature стр.5-10
Borovskii G.B., Lyubushkina I.V., Borovik O.A., Grabelnych O.I., Sauchyn D.V., Urbanovich O.Yu.
Salt Tolerance Evaluation in Cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum L.) Using RAPD Marker стр.11-20
Saleh Basel
Comparative Evaluation of Physiological and Biochemical Parameters and Survival of Chickens for the Effects of Microclimatic Stress Factors During Incubation стр.21-28
Indyuhova E.N.
Initial Morphogenetic Features of Proteome of Suprastructures of Interphase Chromatin for Germination of Mature Germs in Conditions of Adapting to Winter in Wheat стр.29-42
Ivanova E.A., Vafina G.H., Ivanov R.S.
Phenotypic Traits of Arabidopsis Plants Deficient in RpoTmp RNA Polymerase стр.43-50
Tarasenko V.I., Garnik E.Yu., Koulintchenko M.V., Konstantinov Yu.M.
Activity of the Respiratory Chain Enzymes of Blood Leucocytes’ Mitochondria Under the Conditions of Toxic Hepatitis Induced Against the Background Alimentary Deprivation of Protein стр.51-57
Voloshchuk O.N., Kopylchuk G.P.
Effects of Light Intensity on Development and Chlorophyll Content in the Arabidopsis Mutant Plants with Defects in Photosynthesis стр.58-67
Garnik E.Yu., Deeva D.V., Belkov V.I., Tarasenko V.I., Konstantinov Yu.M.
Implications of Plants Genetic Transformation Assessed by Geneticist, Biochemist and Physiologist стр.68-78
Enikeev A.G., Kopytina T.V., Maximova L.A., Nurminskaya J.V., Shvetsov S.G.
Absorption of Power Plants СО 2 Emissions by Coniferous Tree Stands стр.79-90
Suvorova G.G.
Effect of Temperature on Triticum aestivum L. Seedlings Growth and Phytohormone Balance стр.91-99
Kosakivska I.V., Voytenko L.V., Likhnyovskiy R.V.
The Effect of Herbicides on Hydrogen Peroxide Generation in Isolated Vacuoles of Red Beet Root ( Beta vulgaris L.) стр.100-112
Pradedova E.V., Nimaeva O.D., Karpova A.B., Salyaev R.K.
The Daily Dynamics of Phenolic Compounds Content and Guaiacol-Peroksidase Activity in Leaves and Flowers of Alchemilla subcrenata and Veronica chamaedrys стр.113-117
Zhivetev M.A., Dudareva L.V., Rudikovskaya E.G., Graskova I.A., Voinikov V.K.
The Tebuconazole-based Protectant of Seeds “Bunker” Induces the Synthesis of Dehydrins During Cold Hardening and Increases the Frost Resistance of Wheat Seedlings стр.118-127
Korsukova A.V., Borovik O.A., Grabelnych O.I., Voinikov V.K.
Changing of the HSP70 Content in the Baikal Endemic Sponges Lubomirskiidae Under Conditions of Hyperthermia стр.128-136
Itskovich V.B., Shigarova A.M., Glyzina O.Y., Kaluzhnaya O.V., Kupchinsky A.B., Borovskii G.B.
Salinity Stress Effects on Growth and Nitrate Assimilation in Bean Seedlings Likely to be Mediated via Nitric Oxide стр.137-146
Dhamgaye S., Gadre R.