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Bulletin of Russian State Medical University

Bulletin of Russian State Medical University

ISSN: 2500-1094

Издательство: Российский национальный исследовательский медицинский университет имени Н. И. Пирогова

Год основания: 2016

Выпусков в год: 6

Страна: Россия

Город: Москва

Email редакции: editor@vestnikrgmu.ru

Выпуски журнала:

О журнале:

Peer-reviewed medical journal of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow, Russia). Founded in 1994, it is issued once every two months publishing articles on clinical medicine and medical and biological sciences, first of all oncology, neurobiology, allergy and immunology, medical genetics, medical microbiology and infectious diseases. Every issue is thematic. The number of publications on topics in spite of the issue topic is limited. The journal accepts only original articles, including articles that present methods and techniques, clinical cases and opinions. The journal publishes only one review per issue; the review is ordered by the editors. Manuscript publication is free.

Редакционная коллегия:

Belousov VV (Moscow, Russia)
Bogomilsky MR (Moscow, Russia)
Bozhenko VK (Moscow, Russia)
Bylova NA (Moscow, Russia)
Gainetdinov RR (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Ginter EK (Moscow, Russia)
Gudkov AV (Buffalo, NY, USA)
Gulyaeva NV (Moscow, Russia)
Gusev EI (Moscow, Russia)
Danilenko VN (Moscow, Russia)
Zatevakhin II (Moscow, Russia)
Ivanov AA (Moscow, Russia)
Kzhyshkowska YuG (Heidelberg, Germany; Tomsk, Russia)
Kotelevtsev YuV (Moscow, Russia)
Lebedev MA (Durham, NC, USA)
Moshkovskii SA (Moscow, Russia)
Munblit DB (London, Great Britain; Moscow, Russia)
Negrebetsky VV (Moscow, Russia)
Novikov AA (Moscow, Russia)
Polunina NV (Moscow, Russia)
Poryadin GV (Moscow, Russia)
Savelieva GM (Moscow, Russia)
Semiglazov VF (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Slavyanskaya TA (Moscow, Russia)
Starodubov VI (Moscow, Russia)
Stepanov VA (Tomsk, Russia)
Suchkov SV (Moscow, Russia)
Trufanov GE (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Favorova OO (Moscow, Russia)
Filipenko ML (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Khazipov RN (Marseilles, France; Kazan, Russia)
Shimanovskii NL (Moscow, Russia)
Shishkina LN (Novosibirsk, Russia)
Yakubovskaya RI (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)